Touchcore provide organizations with simple, scalable, fixed cost, unlimited online and on-site support. Clients across multiple industries have used our expertise for one off projects or long term managed services relations, from online data backup to first line IT support. Touchcore offers maintenance and support for all your office technology, as though you had a dedicated, on-site team.

We administer the best Enterprise-level standards, services levels, tools and processes at a very affordable cost. By looking at your requirements first and foremost, we can provide exactly what you need – a systems support solution tailored to your company size, industry, technology requirements and location.

Our network of partners provides the ability to put onsite support into your office quickly in an emergency.



Guaranteed Response

Guaranteed response times rely on an inquiry's priority level. Your most critical issues will immediately move to the top of the list.


Personal Support Engineer

A named Touchcore support engineer that knows your setup and history, so no time is wasted in fixing problems that come up.


24x7 Phone and Email Support

If your mission-critical services need immediate 24x7 support, we have a support plan built for you. Contact our support team via phone or email anytime, any day for urgent help.


Change Plans Anytime

Like everything else on Touchcore, contracts or minimum commitments aren't needed. You pay on a per-month, flat rate basis. Upgrade this month, downgrade the next, or move back to the free plan included in some package we offer. It's that simple.


We're here to help you succeed. If we fail to meet the average guaranteed response time in a given month, we'll credit your account for 100% of your plan price for that month.
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