SEO Trends Your Small Business Needs to Know

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July 6, 2017
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SEO Trends Your Small Business Needs to Know

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SEO techniques every business owner in Nigeria must know in order to take their business to the next level and also SEO implementation strategy to show up on search engine when your customers are looking for solutions to their wants and needs online.


There have been some recent changes to SEO, if you continue to use the old strategy of ranking on search engine; Google might get your website blacklisted.
As you take over your competitor on SEO in 2017, it is very important to know some SEO trends that will make you achieve the kind of result you want in your brand or business.
Since SEO is a very important aspect of digital marketing, and we are aware of the exciting changes that always occur in this digital space.

Here are 2017 SEO Trends Your Small Business Needs to Know!

SEO strategy aligned to your business Goals


Companies that have worked on their Search engine optimisation realize that SEO encompasses everything related to the success of your business to thrive online when your prospect or customer’s search keywords related to your business/product or services.
Every company’s goals and mission is to succeed online for you to achieve this goal, you need to deliver outstanding products and services, and which will offer the company enormous rewards in return when your customers takes a desire action on your website.

Use of Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMPs)


Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages, aka AMP, which makes websites load fast. Like, really fast. But that speed comes with a few changes to how the open web works.

SEO consultants now realize that the open-source protocol can allow any websites to open instantaneiusly on any mobile devices.

Websites that load in a flash(up to 4 times quicker than a current load times) have the potential to use up 8 times less data to access the website. Both are attractive and desirable to consumers you want to reach on your website.

More focus on User experience


AMPs offers fast page load times to enhance user interaction on the website.Google is much more interested in website that are mobile responsive integrated with better user experience when browsing,shopping or reading content on a mobile responsive website.
Discovery of Rich Quality Content

quality-content-marketing- touhcore

We will be rounding this article with systematic approach that still  will be superior in obtain new and old visitors visiting our brand website. Content which is an aspect of digital marketing is the ability to discover new thought and perspective about your business.

Online users don’t want to keep reading the same stories on a lot of websites, but they are becoming tired of content that is passing out message across the audience.

They are looking for informations regarding what they are looking for, they continue to use the search engine because the web is their world and it’s a platform where they can find the information they need,the pleasure they seek when they make their research and the ideas they long for in the future.

We believe companies in Nigeria will embrace SEO techniques so as to step up their game when a customer is search for their product or services online because businesses or business owners also want to make connections that are meaningful and exceptional.

Are you ready to embrace SEO techniques to grow your business or brand in Nigeria? we are looking forward in helping you out achieve your SEO goals.

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