Top Tips To Consider For HR Management Software Development

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September 24, 2018

Top Tips To Consider For HR Management Software Development

HR Management Software

HR Management Software aka HRMS is an integral part for every organization. It simplifies many complicated tasks such as recruitment, payroll, grievance redressals, document management, we can go on and on. But, as with every other HRMS software, it is prone to errors and cringeworthy UI/UX mistakes that are too common to bypass.

Moreover, a great HRMS has all the features and functionalities that make employees collaborative. It will also provide information on their fingerprints along with a proper control over all the data. Here is a compilation of mistakes that can be avoided and features that can be included in your HR Management Software.

Which problems are encountered with HR Management Systems and how to avoid them?

HRM Systems and HRIS have many common mistakes that can be rectified or avoided.

1. Faster Loading and Rapid Responses for vital actions and requests.

Problem: Often it has been observed that, slow responses to information requests put off the users. This is the biggest reasons for personnel for not using the HRIS and HRMS.

Solution: Reduce the file sizes or comb data that is vital for users for speedy retrieval. Make the most relevant documents like Leave policy, holiday list and personal data in individual profiles for a single-click access.

2. Setting Reminders and Notifications for important events.

Problem: In a large or medium sized organization, reminders for important events both of the company, team and individuals is very important. But, most HR systems misses out on this for no apparent reasons.

Solution: Include the Alert Module in your HRMS that will allow employees to set individual reminders of meetings, goals and events. Moreover, birthdays of team members, anniversaries and tax reminders can also be set with the Alert Module while you’re developing your Custom HR Management Software. Ensuring a prompt reminder both within the HR Intranet and emails, will go a long way in creating a collaborative and harmonized working environment within the company.

3. Improved UI and UX for deeper personalization.

Problem: Most people complain about the monotony of looking at the same colors, screens and icons year after year. They crave for something new and personalized environment to work on.

Solution: Allow users to change their default colors with a color palate option. This can be achieved with an Integrated HR Management System that allows personalization. Moreover, changing themes and icons periodically, keeping the same navigation for tasks will ensure that users stay interested in using the HRMS. Also, allowing users to customize their profiles on similar lines like Facebook and Twitter will enhance user experience manifolds.

4. Better coherent Leave Management System that is humanized.

Problem: Leave management due to different policies for various departments is a nightmare to manage for most HR. Employees, apply, reject, accept and reapplying leaves can create a hara-kiri within the system and hamper team performances.

Solution: Install a customizable Leave Management Module that can be operated and maintained individually. An organization has Sick leaves, Casual leaves, Privilege leave, Parental leave and many other leaves. Ensuring that people in the team are aware of individual leaves to reduce dependability for workload can be balanced here. Allowing employees and managers to moderate leaves as per their requirements will make the whole team coherent. Also, customized reminders for leaves taken, applied and approved can also be managed with this module.

5. Transparent Payroll and Reimbursements for all employees.

Problem: Salaries are the most important part of an employee’s relations with the organization. Not being able to understand the salary structure, not getting the salary along with reimbursements and incentives results in disaffection among employees. And in most cases, this is the single biggest reason for employees leaving the company.

Solution: A Payroll module will automatically calculate their leaves, incentives and other deductions will ease the pain and make the whole salary cycle transparent for both employee and management. Moreover, getting reimbursement for their expenses in the current month’s salary is vital for their finances. The Payroll module also takes care of this with easy upload and approval process that works automatically with featured audit scenarios.

6. Finance and Taxation module for greater employee benefits.

Problem: Finance and taxation are the most complicated part of everyone’s life. Getting it just right is the essence of being working and earning both for self and family. Most HR Management Systems omit this important feature from their development.

Solution: Integrate Finance and Tax module with your HRMS and allow employees to manage their taxes and investment on their own. This is the reason most enterprises prefer developing custom HR Management Software because it helps companies overcome many challenges and achieve enterprise goals.

7. Visibility of Resource Requisition and Latest Vacancies for all users.

Problem: This module helps HR and recruitment teams to understand the requirements and future positions that may be required to filled along with their priorities.

Solution: Resource Requisition will clear the air about the open positions and their urgency for the recruiters and HR to know which skills to target. Also, it will free up their time from all manual work. This will also allow managers and heads to fill out their requirements via forms for a candidate. That will ensure a right skill mix and experience for the selected candidate ensuring saving of time, energy and skill training.

8. Process Automation for data entry and document management

Problem: Manual processes that involve multiple authorization and audits is a nightmare for HR and employees. This functionality integrated in the HRMS will make it easier for HR team to set the processes and authorizations for multiple requests.

Solution: Setting up a function that sets the tone for future authorizations like leaves, reimbursements, payments and many other things simplifies tasks. It will set the ball rolling for the process automations that will ensure proper document management for all approvals, authorization and requests. In short, this is the module that is called ECM software

9. Data Analytics and Feedback Mechanism

Problem: Most HR Management Systems do not have a feedback mechanism that can connect employees with HR and know about the pain issues. Also, they are in the dark about the leaves taken last year, employee details and other analytics data related to HR team including open vacancies.

Solution: With this feature HR will be able to run surveys, polls and content that can galvanize employees to collaborate. This is a module that is the foremost features of collaboration portals and integrating it with the HR Management Systems will ensure that HR and Management know about the issues and satisfaction among the employees to reduce attrition and disaffection.


10. Communication and Mobility

Problem: Ability to monitor performance goals on mobile devices is on the radar of every employee. Moreover, there are serious repercussions when an employee does not receive communication for reasons like appraisals, leaves, important policy changes and many other organizational changes.

Solution: With increased mobility, an HRMS that has mobility as it backbone would be an advantage. It will add impetus to processes as it allows employees to monitor and track their performances and apply for leaves, reimbursements, and make changes to their own profiles.


HR Management System is an integral part of every modern enterprise. It aides the organization of many complicated tasks and simplifies processes that require a degree of automation. Getting it just right is essential for evert enterprise and HR Management Software will ensure a smooth functioning of HR and recruitment teams and make lives of employees a bit easier.

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